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Allawos & Company March News Letter ''International Business Development Plan - Exporting''

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March 01, 2017

Global Management Consulting Services
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Allawos & Company
March, 2017
“International Business Development Plan -Exporting”
Michael Allawos, Principal Consultant
Whether sketched out on the preverbal napkin, formally written down or informally done at a meeting, planning is always behind most export success stories. An international business development plan is always an important tool for properly evaluating and analyzing factors that would affect the company’s ability to go international or domestically for that matter.
An international business development plan in exporting should define the company’s commitment to international trade, export pricing strategy, reason for exporting, potential export markets and customers, export financing alternatives, legal requirements, methods of foreign market entry, transportation method, import taxes, export licenses, and overseas partnership and foreign investment capabilities.
Knowing your company’s present status, commitment and internal goals through the creation of an international business development plan is very essential, and is also required if planning to seek export financing assistance. Plans prepared ahead of time in making an export loan request from banks, saves time and money. The plan should also include specific objective, timetable for implementation, and highlights to measure success.
The main purpose of the international business development plan is to ready your business to enter the international marketplace. Certain guiding principles will direct you through the process of exporting your product to an international market. Here are some suggestions to help you with creating your international business development plan for exporting:
  1. Product or Services: Choosing the right product to offer internationally is very important. To recognize products with export potential needs careful consideration on products that are profitably distributed in the domestic market. It has to fill a target need for the customer in export markets according to market demand, value to customer or country, and to price. It is also extremely important to check to see if there are any special import duties, fee’s or taxes placed on your export products.
  2. Shipping and methods of shipping containers and or packaging is also a pricing concern.Most countries have special requirements for what they will allow into the country such as treated wood or no wood at all.
  1. Planning the planning stage enables you to look at your future business operations and foresee operations and processes that might ordinarily be over looked. It is important that you have input into the international business plan and it must reflect your ideas and efforts. Written plans are the best way to prepare you for the future and make you well-informed about your business.
  1. Goal setting steps are very important in planning your entry into the global market, as well as shaping your business goals can be quite exciting and challenging. You need to identify your short-term and long-term goals for your business. A SWOT (Straights, Weakness, Opportunity’s and Threats) analysis is key for your goal setting exercise to put a sense of reality into your thinking process.
  1. Industry analysis, knowing and determining your business’ growth in the next three to five years is very essential. Talking to people in the same business, researching, and attending trade fairs and seminars will be very helpful as well as hiring international management consultant(s) and well versed attorneys.
  1. Market factor, assessment analyzing and assessing certain market factors is another important step. Market factors include demographic/physical environment, political environment, economic environment, social cultural environment, market access, product potential, and local distribution and production.
  1. Choosing a marketing strategy is very important in international sales, as it will involve what the market requires and how much risk you’re willing to take. Pricing strategy also considers value added services in bringing the product to the international market. The International Business Plan should address this issue.
Writing and implementing a business plan and/or an international business plan can be frustrating, confusing as well as time consuming to say the least.  This is why it’s extremely important to find a professional or professional organization to help.  The more experienced professionals typically have a deep bench of specialist at the ready to assist in those areas of need.
In our experience by far the most challenging aspect of writing a plan is to simply start.  That’s why Allawos & Company is here, to help you start on the road to success and be there every step of the way.
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