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Pets Need to Give Their Sniff Approval

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September 08, 2016
Animals can be full of surprises!  Your pet does not typically take well to men but when Uncle Charlie comes over your dog can’t get close enough to him!  You say your cat probably won’t be around when strangers are in the house but there he is sitting on your bosses lap at your holiday party!
The same can be said when you and your pets meet a new pet sitter.  The “Meet and Greet” is a time when the pet sitter comes to your house to meet you and let your animals give them their “sniff of approval.”  You show the sitter the routine and the location of food, water, leashes, etc. while the dogs follow to monitor what is going on.  It seems as though they are accepting of the sitter when she is allowed to scratch your dog behind the ears and is even given a lick or two.  But you are the one who really knows your dog.  If you are thinking “hmmm, that is not quite like Lily to take to someone so quickly,” you may want to let the pet sitter know that and have them come back a second time.  Animals may react differently when you are not home and the pet sitter enters the home without you.  It is in everyone’s best interest to ensure that the first independent visit is a successful one for all. 
THE CRAZY DOG LADIES ask the pet parents at the Meet and Greet, “how will your dogs react when we enter your home without you?”  If the parent is even slightly concerned, we suggest setting up a series of “get-to-know-you-visits” where we come by again with you there but you conduct your business in the house while the pet sitter feeds the dogs and plays with them as they would during a regular visit.  The next visit would entail us arriving and entering on our own while you are there but then you leave as we go through the routine.  The last visit would be with us entering the home on our own while you wait outside as the final “graduation visit!”  This strategy usually leads to success and we have earned your pet’s trust in a gradual way where she can say that she approved us!  
 THE CRAZY DOG LADIES is locally owned and operated offering full pet sitting and dog walking services. They offer daily visits and overnight pet sitting to keep your pets comfortable in their own home.  THE CRAZY DOG LADIES are fully licensed, bonded and insured.  Visit THE CRAZY DOG LADIES at, email them at or call 626-675-6711!   See them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram!?
Lori Mikesell, Owner