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A Glendora, CA Entrepreneur's Guide to Harnessing Innovation for Business Development

As an entrepreneur, you can use technology in many ways to give your business a competitive edge. From cloud computing to artificial intelligence, cutting-edge developments make it easier than ever to streamline processes and reduce redundancy at the workplace. Even small businesses without large tech budgets should consider getting tech tools. As Winman reveals, continual investment in innovation helps to boost productivity, enhance efficiency, finetune quality, and boost customer service. Discover how you can leverage innovation for your business development with the tips below from the Glendora Chamber of Commerce.


Make sure any new tech you implement has good customer support


Before you introduce innovation in your organization, there are a few best practices to keep in mind. First, assess whether you really need the tool in question. This roundup of questions to ask yourself before investing in new tech can help. Next, make sure any new tool you implement has sufficient customer service. If issues arise, you want to be sure your employees have someone to turn to. You can assess a provider's customer support by calling their service line before ordering new technology. Online reviews are another way to get a sense of the level of support available.


Try using cloud computing and automation tools


Cloud computing and automation are some of the latest innovations to take the business world by storm. Bralin Technology Solutions has an overview of the different ways businesses can implement cloud computing, such as data backup, file storage, disaster recovery, and platform-as-service solutions. Such tools can help save time and reduce bottlenecks in your workplace. Automation can also enhance efficiency. Popular implementations for automation tools include email marketing, sales pipeline management, and customer service.


Use digital marketing to get a competitive edge


Marketing is critical to your business success, attracting customers to your products and services. Digital marketing is a great way to boost your business' profile for a few reasons. First, digital marketing tends to be cost-efficient. Second, there are many types of digital media you can explore, from blogs to social platforms. Finally, digital marketing is easily measurable, allowing you to track results and pivot as needed. You can also use tools to improve your digital marketing, like Canva, Ahrefs, Yoast, and Google Analytics. This tech further saves time and effort.


Put cybersecurity practices in place


As your business increases its adoption of digital practices, be sure to also increase your cybersecurity practices. It’s best to train your employees on basics, like how to identify fraudulent and phishing emails. You can also increase security by applying dual factor authentication processes, which will reduce suspicious login attempts.


It’s also best to use PDFs instead of Word documents if you send a lot of important information through digital channels. Some people are afraid of managing PDFs as they are less familiar, but they are actually easy to edit and merge. Wondering how to combine PDF files? The process is as simple as selecting files, reorganizing them, and selecting Merge. Once your file is the way you want it, you can password protect your files by selecting Protect from the Tools menu. You’ll then see the option to Encrypt, and then Encrypt with Password. Then, you have a professional-looking file that is also password protected for privacy.


Optimize processes to reduce repetition


If you're going to implement new tools like those described above, you'll also need to revamp your work processes. Business process management, BPM, can help give employees the confidence needed to use novel systems, reducing repetition and redundancy in the workplace. For example, you can teach employees how automation tools work with BPM. Process mining uses data to improve workflows, boosting efficiency. In the big picture, this can improve sales, reduce risk, and help identify new opportunities. To begin, pinpoint data sources and appoint key stakeholders to monitor the process according to a given timeline.


Ensure employees have the information they need for easy innovation onboarding


Once you order a technology service or product, make sure your team has easy access to relevant customer support resources, like online tutorials and training manuals. You can help workers learn new technologies and adapt to new processes with the help of visual aids like infographics. If you're not a graphic design pro, that might sound daunting. Don't stress. It's actually pretty easy to create your own infographics. Simply find a free online infographic maker. You can then personalize the visuals in terms of color, text, background, and other design elements.


The right innovation can spur your business development, creating more efficient workflows. However, it's important to select innovation investments carefully and implement them, like BPM, appropriately. The above guide can help.

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