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Glendora Rotarians Provide Eyeglasses For Children.

In the Rotary tradition of helping people locally and globally, 5 Glendora Rotarians traveled to a small school in Mexico recently to test the children's eyesight and provide glasses for those who need them. The project, called the "Focometer program", is chaired by Sheila Gutierrez who is quick to acknowledge that "this is one of the most rewarding projects our club does". The focometer is a measuring device that can determine nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism of the eye. With this information they can put the proper lens into a frame to enable the wearer to see clearly, many for the first time!

The group traveled by train to San Diego where they were picked up by Rotarians from the Rotary Club La Mision near Rosarito Beach, Mexico. The school had pre-screened the students and along with the members of La Mision Rotary Club they were able to fit the children with proper glasses. They also provided sunglasses and reading glasses for adults.

Occasionally they find children with extreme eye difficulties and this time there were five.

Haydee Pierro and John DiCesso, from the La Mision Rotary Club took them to an Optometrist who will treat them, and his fees will be paid for with donations from their club members. This is the first time they have been able to provide care that was needed beyond the basic Focometer testing.

Glendora Rotary has been providing this service for over 16 years and look forward to continuing this program on a regular basis.

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