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2023 HR Quick Guide for California Employers

Picture of 2023 HR Quick Guide for California Employers
2023 HR Quick Guide for California Employers

When you need HR answers Quickly...

Grab the 2023 HR Quick Guide for California Employers!

This guide is written in a question and answer format to quickly provide answers to your urgent questions. The guide helps you identify if an employment law applies to your business, flags key information, and points out problem areas. Features online access to  required/recommended forms.

The Quick Guide includes color-coded easy reference sections. Required and recommended forms for
California businesses will be available to download using a special URL provided in the book.

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2023 Required Pamphlets Kit

State and federal regulatory agencies require that employers provide each employee with pamphlets on Sexual Harassment; Workers’ Compensation Rights & Benefits; State Disability Insurance; Paid Family Leave; Unemployment Insurance; Rights of Victims of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Stalking. This kit contains 20 copies of each of the six pamphlets that must be distributed to employees—available in both English and Spanish.

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